Post Office Tracking

Post office tracking with the help of barcodes

Post Office Tracking – We all send post cards or the letters, but any idea how they are being tracked or can be tracked?

Usually “Post Office Tracking” is something with which a post office or the postal letter can be tracked. A Post office can be tracked or located by the pin code which is the easiest way. Post office tracking system can also track the postal cards by using the same pin codes or even by copy their barcode numbers.

Post Office Tracking system usually makes a record of the barcode numbers which are later used to track the postal cards or letters. These barcode numbers provides complete history about an item and also provides information about the progress of your article or the item from receiving to delivery.

Post office tracking system provides 4 ways of tracking bar-coded items. They are as follows:
1. Track One
2. Track List
3. Track Range
4. Track by Account & Shipping Date

As mentioned above there are 4 ways of tracking bar-coded items and each differ from one to another. In this system, “Track One” helps you to track or pathway one bar-coded item, but not many items. “Track List” helps you to track or find up to ten non-sensitive bar-coded things or items. “Track Range” helps you to track or find up to a series of up to ten chronological bar-coded things at time. The last method used is “Track by Account & Shipping Date” which helps you to find out the items based on your Shipping date and Account ID if you have a account in the postal department.

You can perform or carry out the things mentioned above using internet if you are aware about the bar codes of post office tracking. This system also provides this “Track & Trace” system to know or the find the progress of your items sent.